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gunfight about test new awardscopy.jpg

Pick of the Fringe - Awarded by the Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2019

The Encore Producer's Award - Awarded by the Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2019

The John Raitt Award for Best Music and Lyrics - Awarded by the Robbie Awards, 2020 


"Gunfight at the Not-So-OK Saloon is an engaging and charming musical that has so much potential – especially if expanded into a bigger production in the future. I found myself wanting to join the cast in their boot-stomping shenanigans on more than one occasion!" --Lacey Ray, Media Geeks

"Gilbert & Sullivan may have written their final operetta in 1896 but Brooke deRosa has deliciously revived their style of musical theatre in the rambunctious Gunfight at the Not-So-Ok Saloon at the Hollywood Fringe Festival...I would have gladly spent more time in the Not-So-Ok Saloon with this merry band. " --Rob Stevens, Haines His Way

"...the story is strong, and the music is entertaining (although a bit operatic, which isn’t a surprise given the performance and the background of the author). The staging is cleverly realized, and the performances strong."  --Daniel Faigin, Observations along the road

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